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Nathan ShakerShot bottle review

A cunningly designed sports drink shaker bottle that does the job better

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Like sandwiches, trampolines and Lego, sometimes the best things in life are the simplest. The ShakerShot from the Pennsylvanian accessory specialists Nathan fits into this category.

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In a similar vein to Jamie Oliver’s salad dressing shakers, the USP is the weighted mixer ball, which successfully mixed up our pre-run electrolyte powders and post-exertion recovery shakes without any lumps or foam. 

At £13.99, it may be more expensive than a conventional plastic shaker but it has none of the ‘plasticky’ aftertaste of cheaper shakers, and it’s easier to clean than either the filter or wire ball offerings found elsewhere. 

It’s a fine-looking specimen, too, with the tough, clear BPA-free plastic more stylish than your average shaker.

It’s also perhaps worth noting that the Eastman Tritan plastic used here has successfully overcome a long and bitter lawsuit in America over its perceived levels of estrogen, yet question marks remain over Eastman’s testing procedures. So have a read around if this concerns you. 

Verdict: Simplicity defined in a striking and practical shaker, 86%


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