Profile Design gel race belt
Profile Design gel race belt
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Review: Profile Design gel race belt

Good-value race belt with impressive food-carrying capabilities

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Profile Design will always hold a place in triathletes’ hearts thanks to their long and illustrious aerobar heritage, from the acclaimed T2+ clip-on to the £600 all-in-one carbon Aerias. That’s a hefty outlay for peak performance, but isn’t an accusation you can throw at this handy belt. 

Spring-loaded plastic locks keep your race number in place, so you can swiftly adhere to BTF rules. A buckle system clamps the belt around your waist and is slender enough to avoid becoming an irritation on the fly. 

Twelve slots – six each side – offer significant gel-carrying options, which would come in handy at iron-distance. It’s a tight squeeze and does weigh things down somewhat when capacity is full, but could be the difference between medalling and bonking. A belt should be on every triathlete’s checklist.

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