Elite Tri Box review
Elite Tri Box review
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Elite Tri Box review

So close to the ultimate tri bag, but it has one fatal flaw...

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Elite Tri Box review

The past few seasons we’ve seen an influx of fantastic transition bags from Amphibia, Ventoux and Ogio loaded with more functions than a Swiss Army knife.

On paper, Elite’s pricey Tri Box takes the ultimate tri bag/box title, coming complete with a fold-out shoe organiser and changing mat. A key sell is that it combines the size of the plastic tubs you see frequenting transition with the practicality of a bag, offering straps, compartments and a dry bag. 

We were ready to wheel out our ‘Citizen Kane of triathlon bags’ line until we used the thing. That the whole box collapses down is a great touch. It’s just that, when fully loaded, the side zips kept coming undone when we had it on, spilling kit on the floor. 

This is a result of the lid being infuriatingly difficult to secure, which meant multiple attempts to clamp it in place. And it’s a real shame, as the design is clever and it’s clearly been developed by triathletes with vast experience of transition turmoil.

Verdict: So close to the ultimate tri bag, but it has one fatal flaw, 81%


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anthony foy

seriously, i mean seriously, you actually gave this bag 81% and said its so close to being the ultimate tri bag yet the lid does not stay on, the zips do not stay closed and your kit falls out of it!!! I mean yes it may look great on your desk in an office next to your apple mac where you are giving it the big one about how much a pro athlete you are while working 9-5 but i would say its pretty usless if the aldi 3p bag or a bucket does a better job! Just say FAIL & 0%...!


Seriously, I really don't understand what the gentleman above is talking about...

Feel free to watch my video and judge by yourself:


Before being ruthless and judgemental, it would be better to take a look at the product! 



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