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Review: Greeper Sport laces

Still the leader of the triathlon pack, these laces will help you get feet into (and out of) running shoes quickly

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We’ve tested Greeper Laces before and, despite fierce competition from French outfit Xtenex and their bobbly efforts, in our eyes – and on our feet – the UK product continues to lead the way.

For those new to tri or 220, the traditional lacing system is replaced with a brilliant mechanism that requires no tying. Simply guide the Greeper through eyelets in reverse before clamping in place at the toe-end via a miniature plastic connector. 

Back at the tongue end, the ingenious toggle requires a gentle tug of its protruding loops to tighten. Pull the toggle to ease pressure. Sprinkling your shoe with talc and a modicum of practice will have you T2-ing faster than ever before. But, more importantly, your foot feels secure – unlike other systems that can leave your foot slipping about like Bambi on ice.

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