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5 athletic recovery products

Reduce the chance of injury and speed up your recovery with these purchases

1. The Pulseball Vibrating Massage Ball (£89) includes four vibration settings to reduce soreness, flush out lactic acid and increase blood flow. The 1kg weight and 17cm length increases its portability.

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2. CEP’s Run Shorts 3.0 (£79.99) feature targeted medi compression, which offers increased joint and muscle stablisation. 

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3. The Air Relax Recovery System (£579) isn’t cheap, but for top-end age-groupers looking for a recovery boost it’s highly recommended. The boots attach to a power unit, which inflates and deflates them to promote dynamic compression to ease tired legs.

Air Relax recovery system review 

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4. For those suffering with ankle injuries, the Mueller XLP Brace (£27) offers plenty of stability and security. The laces help find the correct fit and the steel springs protect against lateral movement.

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5. Muc-Off’s Amino Ultra Endurance balm (£23.99) uses specially advanced Amino Patch tech to help protect against the build-up of lactic acid.

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