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Ironman fuelling kit: 5 essentials

Racing 226km is no fuelling picnic, but these five essentials will help plan your nutrition successfully

1. The Profile Design FC35 (£89) holds a mighty litre of liquid and includes a mount for a GPS and a separate nutrition storage area. There’s a clip to keep the straw out of sight, the bite valve has a self-locking valve and the huge filling port is quick to refill.

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2. If you’re looking for a Bento box on a budget, take a trip to Decathlon and eye up their Aptonia Triathlon Pouch (£7.99), which can hold up to six energy bars and features a zipless pouch for easy entry and exit.  Two Velcro rip tabs keep the pouch in place.

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3. The Aqua Rack dual Bottle Mount (£49) system from Profile Design holds two bottles of water and mounts to your seat rails. The positioning behind the saddle is more aero-friendly than storing bottles on the down and seat tubes.

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4. Up to 17hrs of racing will put plenty of strain on your stomach and hydration levels, but Skratch Labs’ range of energy and hydration products aim to limit the chance of gastrointestinal distress by boasting a wealth of natural ingredients, such as tapioca syrup, cane sugar and Matcha green tea.

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5. Monitoring your salt levels is key for M-Dot racing, especially in warmer races, but help is at hand with Precision Hydration’s Sweatsalts (£6.99), which contain 15 capsules to aid fluid absorption and top up your sodium levels. 

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