Endura Crossbow glasses
Endura Crossbow glasses
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Review: Endura Crossbow glasses

High quality, comfy and ideal if you want one set to do it all

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Light, comfortable and stylish, the Crossbows feature photochromic lenses that adapt depending on light intensity.

The frameless design means that you can’t change lenses, so without the light reactivity they’d only be really useful in certain conditions. As it is, they’re just as good in poor light or bad weather as they are in bright sunshine.

The lack of frame also makes them very light and, as a result, extremely comfortable to the point that you can almost forget you’re wearing them. It also means there’s nothing lurking in the top of your field of vision when you’re down on the aerobars. 

If you’re after one set of glasses to do everything, these will work a treat.

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