Dunlop DST03 sports glasses
Dunlop DST03 sports glasses
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Review: Dunlop DST03 glasses

Easy-on-the-wallet offerings with an audience-dividing padded seal

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Dunlop have long graced our feet in the form of their Green Flash daps but, unsurprisingly given their racquet sport heritage, this is their first appearance on our Gear pages.

The first thing of note on the snappily-titled DST03s is the padded seal around the eyes aimed at providing added comfort for bike and run jaunts. Solving a problem that doesn’t exist?

Quite possibly, but the pads ensured that they stayed in place and had the added benefit (intended or not) of stopping sweat dripping down our bonce. Quite whether they stay smelling fresh after a season of sustained use we’ll find out in the autumn. 

Elsewhere, we liked the understated design, they’re certainly flexible, and the mirrored lenses successfully reduced the early summer glare and offered largely unhindered visibility on the bike.

At £35 they’ll appeal to penny savers and could act as a kit bag back-up, but whether you opt to go Dunlop depends on that padded seal USP.

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