Decibullz Contour custom-moulded earphones review
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Decibullz Contour earphones review

Can these custom-moulded ‘phones stay in place as promised? We find out

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Decibullz Contour custom-moulded earphones review

One of the things that’s really irritated us about most of the sports headphones we’ve used is that no matter how innovative the ‘anti-slip’ system, one shape just doesn’t work for everyone. Decibullz reckon it’s cracked that, though, by making the earpieces mouldable. Smart, right? 

To mould, immerse them in boiling water for 5mins, let them cool for 30secs and put them in your ears, pressing gently to mould them.

It’s about as comfortable as it sounds, and although the final result might not be pretty (ours really weren’t), it’s impressively effective.  

Once we’d moulded them, they stayed in very well, as you’d expect because they’re individually fitted to our (oddly-shaped) ears.

Sound quality is decent too, although at the lower register it’s more just drums than drum and bass, but that’s a small complaint for what’s otherwise a very nifty product. 

Verdict: A good price for a bespoke sports headphone solution, 85%


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