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CamelBak Octane LR

Lightweight and comfortable but some bladder fiddling needed

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Boasting a two-litre bladder and five pockets, the CamelBak Octane LR is designed with extended stints off-the-beaten-track - on both the bike and run - in mind.

Comfort has always been a major bugbear with hydration packs but with two body straps across the chest and muffin top, plus the bladder having a lumbar design to sit around your lower back, the Octane achieves this by dispersing the weight around your stronger lower back muscles. 

The compromise of this is that the bladder - due to the giant cap (for improved cleaning) being located at the bottom - can only be filled by removing it from inside the bag, making reinsertion tricky, especially at speed and when full. 

The bite-valve is effective when on the move, the design is lightweight and attractive, and the multitude of pockets leaves enough space for a waterproof, nutrition and valuables, even though we wouldn't trust anything more than a satsuma in the ineffective tiny strap pocket. 


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