LifeLine High Pressure

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LifeLine High Pressure
The LifeLine was right in the middle of the 0-60psi test and coped adequately inflating to higher pressures.

As it was also the shortest on test, you do have to bend over quite a bit to use it, but that’s only a problem if you’re very tall or have several tyres to inflate.

The adaptor is double-headed for Schrader and Presta, and locks securely onto both valves. But we felt that the twist lock would put extra strain on a valve if you didn’t hold it still. The pressure gauge is towards the bottom of the pump, but with simple black numbers on a white background it was clear to read. Plus, as with all of the pumps on test, it has a moveable pointer that you can set to the required pressure.

The hose tucks away neatly, the handle had a grip-friendly surface and the base was adequate. All in all this little pump punched, or rather blew, well above its price point.


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