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Triathlon bike saddles: 10 of the best reviewed

A sore backside can wreck your race, so it's crucial you choose the right saddle. We test 9 of the best to discover which brands know how to make a good perch

Rido LTX Ultimate Carbon


Rido produce saddles with a unique shape, designed to take pressure away from the perineum. This special edition is considerably more expensive and about half the weight of any other saddle they produce, at a tiny 115g. The carbon shell looks like murder but it’s fantastic in a road set-up, with curves that put you in a higher position than we’re used to. It’s on the tri bars we struggled, as it’s so slim at the nose there’s nowhere to actually rest your sit bones. If you’re a short-course racer with an unfussy behind it’s worth looking into, but otherwise the LTX is for road-racing only. Consider Rido’s highly-rated standard RLt saddle with some more width and padding if you like the shape, plus it’s less than £65.

Verdict Innovative and light, but not great in TT position 71%

Prologo Tgale


This stubby saddle from Prologo is another that’s full of tri features, such as a ‘perineal area system’ (PAS) to stop numbness in the pelvic area, a flat shape to prevent minimal sliding movements and a hook to attach to transition racks. We weighed it at 275g, 16g more than claimed. The rails are a lightweight aluminium, which is all very well but over £200 is a big spend with no carbon rails (for that you’d have to pay £279.99). Even so the saddle performs well in the TT position, with a good wide nose you can rotate around nicely with a firm yet adequately padded shell. Yet, at around the same price as Fizik’s Mistica, with a similar shape and heavier, it wouldn’t be our top choice at this price point.

Verdict A big spend,but it’s a good choice for tri 78%

Buy from Amazon for £176.53

Selle San Marco Shot Dynamic


The Shot Dynamic from Selle San Marco has a streamlined shape for a tri saddle, but it has a fairly thick nose and sizeable central channel for all-day ride comfort. We weighed it at 238g, which competes with many of the saddles here that are double the price. It has a front hook for rapid racking removal in transition, and the foam is counterbalanced with glass fibre underneath to add lightweight stiffness. Some might want something wider to match wider sit bones, but for most this’ll do the job if you’re not looking to spend over £100 for a quality saddle. It’s not an absolute showstopper, but the Shot Dynamic is a commendable, practical option and suitable for use on a road or triathlon bike.

Verdict Well-built, tri-specific and sensibly priced 85%

Buy from

How we tested

To represent what the greatest number of triathletes will train and race on, we tried each saddle over 60km on a road bike with tri-bars attached. As some of the saddles on test aren’t tri-specific, we wanted to try each one in a standard position on the hoods, before putting in further efforts on the drops and aerobars and note the comparisons while riding. We then did some further testing on a dedicated tri bike, set up in an aggressive position, to really try out the tri-specific saddles right on the nose while giving all-out efforts. This included races from sprint up to 70.3 distance, plus training rides of 100km plus. Accessories such as bottle cage mounts were also assessed.  


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it looks like there's been a massive development since 2013-14 as i cannot see any Koobi saddles here originally praised and reviewed all over the place.

i guess i know why now

no bitterness, no pretends, this is just a reflection over a couple of mistakes i made recently and a piece of good advice that might help you to avoid this far from marvellous product

I have owned this saddle for several months now which is pretty much how long it has been taking me to readjust to this saddle. i am not sure how anyone can see it as a comfortable mid range mileage saddle of a good value.

I have bought this saddle, following a lengthy research and various recommendations of people i considered experts in their field including fellow cyclists and triathletes.
to my great surprise and dismay what arrived was far from the superior light-weight split nose saddle i was convinced i had bought.
perhaps the most obvious are the bizarre sides near the sit bones area made of black textile - allegedly kevlar?tha is hard to believe as they are not durable as expected !? (the black part on the side - the photo on the internet does not provide a detail - for a good reason i guess) most ridiculous - why would I want the sides of my saddle made of significantly less durable material than the rest. to save a couple of grams? i can only hope now that i will remember not to lean my bike against a wall or anything ever again to avoid damage of these fragile ‘patches’. Having examined this thoroughly i can see clearly now how the stitches are unevenly tightened as if someone was trying to stitch it on the hard support part. i can definitely feel the seams border lines after about twenty minutes. takes some getting used to and thus I do not consider it a sleek design at all.

I am not expecting this saddle to last more than one season. the stitching is already showing a sign of strain and wear.

just one more thing -
I have stuff shipped from the US to the UK regularly and it seems a very common practice of the senders/internet sellers to declare much lower value of the items shipped on the label/declaration sticker than is the actual price of the items - it often prevents customs from snooping around and damaging parcels which are then inadequatly re-taped, it saves customers a lot on import duty and tax, which is ok with most of us.
i am not quite sure what koobi was thinking declaring higher price of the saddle on the label than what i actually paid as this resulted in Customs demanding a hefty import duty, without them even opening the package as the label was so carefully filled out!


the model in question to avoid is Enduro Au

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