Best bike shoes review 2015 (cont)
Best bike shoes review 2015 (cont)
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Best road bike shoes review 2015 (cont)

Eight of this year’s best road bike shoes, tested and rated by our expert reviewer

We continue our guide to 2015's best road bike shoes...

Bontrager XXX LE

Price: £229 from

Bontrager XXX LE bike shoes

We suspect the XXX LE’s looks are likely to be rather polarising, but we think the design’s superb and the super-reflective outer is a fantastic touch (the black half ‘glows’ strikingly when lit up). The closure system of three Velcro straps is simple but effective, and the soles are super-stiff – to the point where, if you’re coming from something lower-end, you might find them uncomfortable while you get used to them. 

Another impressive feature is the ventilation. With the upper containing a lot of mesh, your feet stay cool effortlessly. The heel grip does a sterling job ensuring your feet don’t slip, and the replaceable heel bumper means you might force a bit more life out of your shoes after they’ve started to wear. 

Verdict: May be too stiff for some, yet are light and highly reflective, 83%

Dhb R1.0 Road

Price: £32 from

Dhb R1.0 Road bike shoes

Dhb is Wiggle’s in-house brand and has a reputation for decent-quality kit at superb prices. The R1.0 road shoes follow that trend, combining a nylon polymer sole, very comfortable inner and three-strap closure system to deliver a package that, for under £33, you really can’t argue with. 

Yes, you make a few sacrifices in the weight stakes, but that’s made up for with more padding on the inners, which also helps to insulate when it’s cold. The flip-side is that they’re warmer than average when it’s hot. The nylon soles aren’t the stiffest, but they’re more than adequate for everyday riding, and they can accept either three-bolt or two-bolt cleats. Dhb also does a tri-specific version (T1.0) for the same price. 

Verdict: No frills, but very capable shoes for an amazing price, 81%

Gaerne Carbon G.Stilo

Price: £279 from

Gaerne Carbon G.Stilo bike shoes

Gaerne have been making footwear for over 50 years; the Italians having firmly established themselves at the upper-end of the cycling footwear market. The G.Stilos are new for 2015 and sit proudly at the top of the range in four colourways: white, black, orange and the green we’ve tested. 

The closure system is two diagonally-placed Boas and a support strap. They’re placed in that way to avoid creating pressure-points and it works well as we suffered no discomfort during long rides, even when we tightened the shoes. The sole is Gaerne’s lightweight carbon and has a couple of very effective vents, as well as a replaceable heel bumper that’ll likely need a change once you’ve used these for a while. 

Verdict: A top-quality package, combining style and substance, 88%

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