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First Look: Stryd run power meter

World’s first wearable running power meter to be launched at Kona

Triathletes and tech aficionados attending the upcoming Ironman World Championship in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii, will be treated to the first public opportunity to test Stryd, the pioneering wearable power meter designed for running.

While bike power meters are increasingly popular and affordable, Stryd will be the first wearable device to provide real-time power metrics while running. It works by measuring a runner’s 3D movement through space in combination with the exact conditions of the run. Stryd syncs with leading sports watches and mobile devices to provide immediate feedback during training or racing.

Through simple adjustments to form and cadence, a runner can significantly improve his or her running power and efficiency, and, in turn, performance. And by focusing on efficient form and subsequently reducing fatigue, a runner using Stryd may also limit the risk of running related injuries.


Designed and developed in the endurance sports hub of Boulder, Colorado, Stryd is the world’s first wearable power meter for running. Similar to a heart monitor strap in design, Stryd syncs with leading sport watches and mobile devices to deliver revolutionary running data.

Stryd measures a runner’s 3D movement through space in combination with the environmental conditions of the run, providing real-time power feedback – enabling the runner to adjust form and pace for optimal performance and efficiency.

Under the advisement of endurance industry notables including triple Ironman Hawaii champ Craig “Crowie” Alexander, Olympic coach Bobby McGee and Skratch Labs co-founder Allen Lim, Stryd seeks to transform the running experience for improved power, increased longevity and enhanced enjoyment.

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James Gill3

Stryd has gone live now. I've just completed a 2month trial using the device. You have to forget everything you previously know about running metrics and just use it. But like a cycling power meter, once you have it in your head, it works very well.

I've put my review on TitaniumGeek: "Stryd - Running in the 21st Century"

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