the best race wheels for increase bike speed
Best triathlon race wheels reviewed. Credit: The Secret Studio
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6 of the best bike race wheels

6 of this year’s best aero race wheels for triathlon tested and rated by our expert reviewer

A quality set of aero race wheels can make an instant impact on your ride. Here are  6 sets of triathlon wheels to get you beating your previous bike split PB with ease.

Get the right set of aero road wheels and you can look to save 2-3% in drag, which equates to 50 seconds over a 40km Olympic-distance bike leg, close to four minutes over an 180km Ironman ride.

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Bike race wheels: benefits for triathletes

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Why are deep-section aero wheels faster?


Read on for our expert reviews of 6 pairs of 45-83mm wheels, from £889 to four grand, to find out which we think are the best aero wheels for your money.




At 1,884g, the 86mm Chronos are a fair weight and, while their mass is tangible, it’s offset to an extent by the impressive lateral stiffness. Braking is good in the dry and adequate in the wet, with the usual carbon delay. Parcours use Toray carbon fibre and resin, and give a two-year warranty for peace of mind. They’re fast and stable, too, with a little more side pressure than the (slightly less deep) 7.8s but no more wind steer. 


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The Kronostok 7/8s are better at handling at lower speeds, with the fast-reacting freehub and okay 1,790g weight meaning they also pick up speed swiftly, by deep-rim standards at least. There’s barely a trace of springiness in the rear wheel under power either. The soft pad braking and textured surface gives decent braking in the dry and bearable anchorage in the wet. And we’ve always had good service from Revolver. 

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The Comete Carbon Pro SL is an excellent all-round speed package. The very loud freehub gives a fast pick-up, combining with the fairly low 1,690g weight to create a lively and responsive- feeling wheel. The structural stiffness and Mavic’s excellent skewers give it a precise road placement. The 64mm deep rim gives a tangible aero boost, although you’ll need to swap out the soft compound tyres to fully exploit their fast-rolling feel. 

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Specialized’s Roval have gone all-out with high-spec features on their smooth gliding aero all-rounders. The 20mm internal rim width really fattens out the tyres but might cause clearance issues on some frames. The fatter tyre and rim profile doesn’t feel as quick and clean as skinnier wheels into straight headwinds, but it’s more efficient in crosswinds. The low 1,590g weight means adding extra pace is never an issue. 

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DT Swiss have teamed up with aero specialists Swiss Side to produce a narrow rimmed but fat bodied toroidal shape. This means it’s well balanced for such a deep wheel, with little sense that you’re sailing the wheel rather than steering it when the wind gets gusty. At 1,710g, they’re light for a deep wheel. They’re a little unforgiving when riding, so using their easy tubeless tyre conversion feature is advised to reduce punishment on rough roads. 

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The crazy price is a severe obstacle, but it buys you Zipp’s radical Sawtooth ramped rim profile. Together with dimpled-surface effects, it’s designed to create vortices that dump sideways crosswind pressure more than a smooth rim. When paired with a 23mm (and not 25mm tyre) handling is beautiful and cornering is impressively low effort for a deep wheel, while there’s less sideways pressure in crosswinds. 

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