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Vision Aero Max
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Vision Aero Max

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 The Vision Aero Max is a TT saddle through and through: very well padded, particularly in the nose area, it’s been built with triathlon in mind. The simple, plain black design means it will win favour with anyone looking for a more understated seat (though by the same token, it won’t be the first choice for those who love the bling factor), and the quality of materials and finish throughout are good.

Despite having titanium rails, it weighs in at 270g, which makes it heavier than most on test (though not by much, to be fair). But on the plus, there are scale markers on the rails, which is great for accurate adjustment of your saddle position.

In our tests, the Aero Max proved very comfortable for time trialling and was fine for road riding, too. And if you do prefer something a little more striking in the looks department, it’s also available in all white.


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