Giro Air Attack Shield bike helmet
Giro Air Attack Shield bike helmet
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Review: Giro Air Attack Shield bike helmet

Comfortable, if odd-looking, alternative to a classic TT helmet

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The Air Attack is an aero helmet for the road – not quite a full aero lid, but not a traditional road helmet either. It’s been used in a pretty diverse range of disciplines, from Leanda Cave at Kona to Luca Paolini at the Giro D’Italia. 

Our version comes with the removable magnetic visor, a neat design that you can simply flip upside down if you don’t want it any more, or even take off pre-ride to use your normal eyewear instead. It might look a bit strange, but the Air Attack fits wonderfully and is far less cumbersome than a standard TT helmet. 

We can’t comment on the aero claims without entering the tunnel, but in terms of comfort we’d opt for this over a standard aero lid. The price is tricky. It’s either at the top end for a road helmet, or mid-range for a TT helmet. But it’s cheaper than buying both!

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