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Aero road helmets: 9 of the best reviewed

Aero road bike helmets are an ultra-smart compromise of standard and TT cycling helmets. Matt Baird reviews the merits of 9 for both training and racing…


S-works evade II


With a narrow frontal profile and streamlined tail, the updated Evade II instantly feels fast on the roads. Specialized have spent plenty of time in the tunnel with the Evade II and our own results across the board confirmed this (it was the fastest here, especially at the higher speed of 45km/h). The 11 deep, internal air channels are an improvement over the original, and the magnetic buckle is the best here in transition. We would’ve liked to have seen MIPS and the side straps being fixed in place is an oddity, plus we’re not keen on it in white (other colours available). Weight is decent though – 246g. 

Verdict: Slick on the roads and in the tunnel; great buckle 92%

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Scott Cadence Plus


Alistair Brownlee wears the Cadence Plus, but there are also benefits for age-group mere mortals. There’s MIPS and the addition of Aero Plugs or winter bungs, which can be shoved into the ventilation channels on colder days or if you’re truly seeking an aero advantage where heat isn’t a consideration. Those ventilation channels (sans bungs) do the job on the roads, yet the internal padding is somewhat limited, and the 280g weight puts it at the higher level here. In the tunnel it performed well in the high position at 35km/h and at 10° yaw but less so when riding faster. 

Verdict: Good extras and venting; odd tunnel results, 86%

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Bell Z20 Aero MIPS


With striking looks, effective straps, comfy pads and MIPS protection, the Bell Z20 Aero seems to have plenty going for it. But its weight of 281g is a touch high and, for such an aero-looking lid, it largely placed mid-table in the wind tunnel (it was good at 45km/h with a 0° yaw angle), consistently scoring below the Specialized and Giro, and often not much more wind-cheating than the £30 B’twin we tested as a road helmet example. All of which makes us question its worth, especially when venting is compromised by the 10 small channels and the financial outlay is over £200. 

Verdict: Top looks, high price, decent enough in the tunnel 77%

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HJC Ibex


The Ibex from Korean motorcycle brand HJC offers more breathability than their Furion aero road lid we tested in 2018, with the £25 extra spend bringing impressive ventilation via its 16 vents. Created in their own wind tunnel, it feels lean on the roads, tipping the scales at a reasonable 257g. Presumably all that tunnel time adds to the cost, as £175 seems high compared to others here with MIPS and added features (see the Scott). The anti-bacterial particles on the padding are a neat touch, but we’d want a bigger dial, sturdier retention system and comfier straps to justify the outlay. 

Verdict: Feels airy but out-muscled by others on test 78%

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Hi, there is no mention on Scott Cadence time tested. Is the test conducted on a tri bike or road bike?

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