Fizik R3 Uomo
Fizik R3 Uomo
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Fizik R3 Uomo

Stylish and incredibly comfortable

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Scoring high on aesthetics, the R3s look exactly as you’d expect for a £200 pair of bike shoes. We found the fit fantastic, slightly narrow but extremely well shaped, holding our feet securely over the ride. This is due to the two Velcro straps, ratchet system and the extremely pliable upper that’s easy to form to the shape of your feet. 

One great touch is that the ratchet itself has a Velco strap built in, so you can shorten or lengthen it to find your required fit. Comfort levels are off the chart: there’s extra padding around the ankle, the insoles are like sponges, hell, even the tongue’s cushioned! 

And there’s just none of the harshness that you can sometimes find with top-end bike shoes. How Fizik have managed to pack so much into just 600g we’ll never know. They also offer a women’s version, the Donna, for £199.99.


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