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Bike lights: 3 of the best

If you are cycling on the roads at night you need to be seen. Here are 3 of the best bike lights




The new lights range from VEL consists of a choice of three front lights of 500, 300 or 100 lumens. The lightweight (53g) 300 has dayflash and memory modes, is USB rechargeable and also water resistant.

UNDER £125



The beam of the Knog PWR Trail (a road option is available for £84) pumps out 1,000 lumens at its max strength, with a huge feature list for the price. The USB-rechargeable battery pack also doubles as a power bank to charge devices, while battery life can extend to 300hrs.

UNDER £150



See.Sense’s smart light innovations continue in the Icon2, with this front/rear set becoming brighter and flashing faster at risky road moments. The front offers 400 lumens, the rear 300, with 270° of side visibility as well.


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