VDO M1 WL bike computer
VDO M1 WL bike computer
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Review: VDO M1 WL bike computer

Top low-budget option that provides basic information brilliantly

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If you’re looking for a basic, budget bike computer, you’ll struggle to do better than VDO’s M1 WL. Thirty quid gets you a wireless unit that tracks your speed, trip time, trip distance and total distance, and also has a clock.

Fitting is easy: just clip the magnet to a spoke, zip-tie the sensor to your fork then attach the display unit to either your bars or stem. (The only fiddly bit is finding a screwdriver small enough for the screws to realign the display mount.)

Two buttons at the top and bottom of the display take care of setting up and cycling through the functions, and are big enough to make using them with thick gloves a breeze. Also big and user-friendly are the displayed digits. With so few functions there’s not a lot of data to cram onto the display, so each reading gets a screen all to itself.

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