Garmin Edge 200 bike computer review
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Garmin Edge 200 bike computer review

Their higher-end units are a favourite, but how does the more affordable 200 measure up?

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Garmin Edge 200 bike computer review

Despite being one of the cheapest and most basic GPS units, the Edge 200 still manages to impress. It provides speed, distance and time data but little else, since it can’t be paired to heart rate, cadence or power sensors.

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That said, it does have a ‘virtual partner’ facility that allows you to race yourself on routes you’ve previously ridden. The 70 x 48mm computer adds just 64g to your bike (including the stem mount and rubber bands) and is ludicrously easy to use. 

Naturally it comes with an instruction booklet but, chances are, you won’t even need to unpack it. Battery life was barely dented by a two-hour ride and it remained tethered to its satellite signal throughout – even passing under a tunnel. If all you want is the basics, it’s difficult to look beyond this little cracker.

Verdict: Easy to use, easy to read, dependable and doesn’t drain its battery, 87%


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