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Budget clip-on aerobars review: B’twin extensions

At £32.99 these cheap clip-on aerobars may deliver on price, but do they deliver on performance? Jack Sexty puts them to the test

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B’Twin’s alloy clip-ons weigh 495g, and have a slight upward curve at the ends. They’re easy to fit via hex key bolts and include removable anatomical foam pads, which are on the small side but soft enough to keep your forearms fairly comfortable.

How to fit aerobars (tri bars) onto your bike


The bridge means you can’t adjust the width and make the bars sit pretty flush either side of your stem. It makes for a narrow set-up that some might not get on with, plus you won’t be able to attach an out-front computer mount. As a DIY solution to gain some extra width we removed the bridge and added our own plugs to the end of each bar; as sold they lack some adjustability. They’re good introductory clip-ons, although we’d want something more adaptable with larger arm rests for long-course tri.

Verdict: stable and good value but lacking long-course comfort 75%

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