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Diamondback to release new aerodynamic, 'wickedly-fast', road bike early 2018

Diamondback are to release a new road bike that, they say, combines the advantages of both a road bike and a triathlon bike, solving the dilemma many triathletes face of having to choose between the two
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What do bike gear ratios mean?

Confused about gear ratios and what the numbers used for the different gear ratios mean? Mat Brett explains all and how to find what works for you
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Garmin Edge bike computers: buyer’s guide to all the models

Want a Garmin bike computer but not sure which model? The experts at Bike Radar explains them all, from the Garmin Edge 1030 all the way down to the Edge 20
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3 Tour de France-inspired road bikes under £2,200, tested and rated for triathlon

You’ll have spotted them on the Tour, but the bikes of the world’s greatest cyclists are just as at home in multisport as they are in the Alps. We test and review three GC rides for tri…all under £2,200
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Dassi's revolutionary graphene-induced Interceptor test ride

Dassi are aiming to revolutionise the bike industry with their graphene-infused Interceptor frame. We took it out for a very exclusive test ride to see how it performed
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How do I choose the right tyre pressure for different races?

Wondering what you should consider before pumping up your tyres? Nik Cook explains how conditions and the course should affect your choice
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Profile Design Aeria T2 AL aerobars review

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How to repair a puncture quickly during a race

Work calmly when changing a tube mid-race. It’s all too easy to get angry, frustrated or panicky, none of which help. And follow these six steps…
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What are the advantages of a triple crankset with a standard cassette?

Rob Banino explains the pros and cons of combining a triple crankset with a standard cassette versus a wide-range cassette, especially when climbing hills
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Garmin release new Edge 1030, their latest GPS bike computer

Garmin introduces their Edge® 1030 GPS bike computer with enhanced navigation, performance and safety features
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Up close with Holly Lawrence's new bike, the Trek Speed Concept 9.9

2016 Ironman 70.3 world champ Lawrence plans to destroy many a 90km bike leg this season on her new ride
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Nik Cook explains the best way of fitting new cleats onto your bike shoes
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Power meters: Do I really need one for triathlon?

Why are so many athletes and manufacturers investing in power measurement systems? Because, says Joe Beer, if used correctly, power can be a game changer as it gives you the ability to test power-to-heart rate anywhere, anytime.
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How to fit aerobars (tri bars) onto your bike

Got yourself some clip-on tri bars but don't know how to fit them? Here's some advice from the 220 team
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3 top-end aero road bikes, priced £4,499 to £6,308, head to head

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