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3 aluminium road bikes, priced around £1,500, reviewed for triathlon

Can aluminium rival carbon? These three aluminium road bikes from Hoy, Trek and Specialized, priced £1,350-£1,600, are hell bent on shedding off aluminium's questionable reputation. But is the road feedback as invigorating as the marketing claims?
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Up close with Jonny Brownlee's bike; the Scott Foil

2017 saw a switch to Scott for the Brownlee brothers. Here's why Jonny believes Foil gives him the edge
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Wattbike Atom review

We rate Wattbike’s move into the home-training market
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How to protect your bike during the winter

Winter can be a worrying time for your bike. Spray from wet roads can be particularly corrosive, especially if salt has been spread to prevent ice. But, if you follow our advice on winterproofing your bike, it will be well looked after and you'll be able to storm through autumn/winter with plenty of miles in your legs ready for a summer of racing.
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