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Ribble CGR road bike review

Renowned for their build-your-own direct sales model, Ribble are touting the new CGR as their most versatile bike yet. So is it the ultimate budget do-it-all?
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Clip-on aerobars: 3 of the best reviewed

Often the easiest way to shave off seconds on the bike is with a set of clip-on tri bars. Chris Hovenden tests and rates three of the best drag-reducing aerobars…
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How much time does a triathlon bike save?

A triathlon bike could make a difference to your run by as much as 51 seconds over 5km, say experts
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6 of the best road bike racing tyres

Wondering which road bike racing tyres are the best? The difference between average and great bike race tyres can be a minute over 40km. Jamie Wilkins tests six…
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Why are deep-section aero wheels faster?

Wondering whether deep-section wheels are worth the investment and just how much faster they will make you? We discuss drag, turbulence, and yaw angles, and highlight how and why deep-section wheels are faster than shallow rims...
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Do I need an aero helmet for triathlon?

Tri coach Joe Beer and record-breaking time triallist Matt Bottrill discuss the need for aero helmets, the time you save and whether they are worth using in all conditions.
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Is a road bike or triathlon bike best for a hilly Ironman?

Mark Kleanthous explains how to decide which bike is most suitable for the Ironman course you’re racing.
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First look: 2-Spoke M5 carbon wheels

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Nik Cook explains exactly how to clean your bike so it keeps running smoothly
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If you’re taking your beloved bike abroad, it’s essential to make sure it arrives safe and sound. Jack Sexty finds out which of these bike cases tick all the boxes….
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Bianchi Oltre XR4 road bike review

They have road bike heritage, prestige and elegance in spades. But how will Bianchi’s latest serve as a triathlon-worthy bike? We mount the Oltre XR4 to find out…
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The best triathlon bikes reviewed

Throughout the year the 220 team test and review some of the finest triathlon bikes on the market. Here are the triathlon bikes we considered the best out of all of them for triathletes; all scoring 85% or more.
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The best turbo trainers reviewed

A turbo trainer is an essential part of a triathlete's kit if they're serious about improving their riding. Chris Hovenden reviews, tests, and rates some of the best on the market
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The Cervélo P5X triathlon bike gets a test ride

Cervélo has proclaimed the P5X as the ‘ultimate triathlon bike’, taking over three years to perfect it. We took the Cervélo P5X for a first ride at the Euro launch in Andalusia…
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Disc brakes: the pros and cons

There seems to have been a big ‘shift’ in braking tech in recent years. Nik Cook explains the benefits and drawbacks of disc brakes for winter road biking
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