ATMT 2-Play MP150

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ATMT 2-Play MP150
Available in several colours and two sizes (£39.99 for the 1GB we tested; £59.99 for the 2GB version), the 2-Play MP150 will look familiar, as it follows the now ubiquitous USB stick format. Initial impressions are pleasing: its body comes wrapped in a nice rubber coating and the two-colour, four-line LCD greets you with a cheery ‘Welcome!’ when you turn it on. It’s no slouch in the features department, either. For MP3/WMA playback, the MP150 offers a range of EQ settings, and it also includes a built-in FM tuner and a voice recording function (though, oddly, no mic is supplied). Another nice touch is the provision of not one but two headphone sockets – hence the name. The downside is that the sound quality isn’t that great. It’s a bit counterintuitive to operate, too, and you’ll definitely want to replace the earbuds with something more comfortable.

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