Triathlon bike saddles: 9 of the best reviewed

A sore backside can wreck your race, so it's crucial you choose the right saddle. We test 9 of the best to discover which brands know how to make a good perch
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Swimming with nose clips: what are the advantages and disadvantages of using them?

Struggle with your breathing in front crawl and wondering whether to try a nose clip? Oliver Willis explains the pros and cons
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Men's vested tri-suits: 7 of the best reviewed, tested & rated

Need a comfy and fast tri-suit to match your triathlon needs this season? We test and rate 7 of the best vested triathlon suits on the market.
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TT bike helmets: 7 of the best reviewed

7 of the best time trial aero helmets tested, rated and reviewed by our expert reviewer
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Endure: Mind, Body and the Curiously Elastic Limits of Human Performance book review

James Witts takes a look at sports scientist Alex Hutchinson new book, which examines the science of extreme endurance and what defines the limits of an endurance athlete
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Sports bras and cropped tops: 4 of the best for triathlon reviewed

Unless your tri-suit comes with a good integral bra, you’ll need to add one to give you support during training and racing. Helen Webster puts four sports bras to the test
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25 affordable triathlon kit upgrades that make you train better and race faster

Upgrading your triathlon gear – and, by virtue, your performance – needn’t break the bank. Here are 25 affordable ways to beat your personal best…
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Zoggs launch eco swimwear range

Leading swimwear brand launch new Ecolast range in fabric made from ocean waste, plus a commitment to sustainable swimwear
01 May 2018 at 17:33

How to turn your mountain bike into a road bike

Want to try triathlon, but only have a mountain bike and can't afford a road bike? Nick Cook explains how to make your mountain bike speedier and more road bike-like. Image courtesy of Russ Burton
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7 pieces of kit to make you more aerodynamic on the bike

Want to be more aero on the bike? Here are 7 pieces of kit designed to make you more aerodynamic
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Garmin Vivoactive 3 watch review

Does Garmin’s latest feature enough for triathletes?
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What should I wear for a duathlon?

Matt Bottrill explains why a tri-suit is still the best option for a duathlon, despite no swim
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How to use a bike power meter

Nik Cook explains how to use a power meter so you get maximum benefit from it, particularly during a race, and how it can help your performance
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3 superbikes reviewed for tri

The next generation of superbikes will offer more comfort and usability for endurance riding. Here we test three top-end race road bikes that are set to make a big impact as we march towards the 2018 season
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Swim tech: 3 gadgets reviewed

Listening to music and pacing your swim sessions can help pass the time and improve your efficiency in the water. Jack Sexty tests the latest waterproof gear
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Triathlon gear of the year: our top 25 products of 2017

Groundbreaking bikes, streamlined suits and cutting-edge carbon.It’s been another year of visionary tri gear releases. Here we round up the top 25 from the 443 products we’ve tested this season
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8 Christmas gift ideas for triathletes

Gifts for your club-mates (or for yourself, if you drop enough hints!)
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Oxyhood altitude training system review

Jamie Wilkins tests out the Oxyhood altitude training system to find out how much difference it made to his performance and whether it's worth the investment
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How to protect your bike during the winter

Winter can be a worrying time for your bike. Spray from wet roads can be particularly corrosive, especially if salt has been spread to prevent ice. But, if you follow our advice on winterproofing your bike, it will be well looked after and you'll be able to storm through autumn/winter with plenty of miles in your legs ready for a summer of racing.
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What should be measured in a good triathlon bike fitting?

Joe Beer explains the three stages that should take place in a good triathlon bike fitting service
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