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What's the best bike set up for winter?

Disc wheels, profiled tubes and aerobars are all very well when you’re racing in the summer, but you’ll need something more practical for the winter winds and wet roads… Here's what your bike will need to see it through the winter months out on the road
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Polar Vantage V multisport watch review

Can Polar’s new top-end multisport watch compete with Garmin? James Witts puts it to the test
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Recovery kit: 5 tools to help you recover quicker from your workouts

Don’t let injury or DOMS stall your training! Here are five bits of kit that'll help you recover from tough workouts so you stay fresh and able to train strong during 2019
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Swim robes: 3 of the best

Get ready for your open water swim sessions by investing in a swimming robe. Lined with a toasty fleece inner layer, and a waterproof outer, these swimming robes will keep you lovely and warm until you can get inside. Here are 3 of the best
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Indoor virtual cycling training platforms: 6 of the best

Thinking about investing in an indoor virtual bike training app/platform to help you smash your turbo sessions? James Witts lists 6 of the best, including one that's free
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Indoor virtual cycling training platforms: pros and cons

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Fitness trackers: 6 of the best reviewed

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Polar Vantage M multisport watch review

Is the new Polar multisport watch worth the wait?
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Carbon bikes: How much difference does carbon quality make in a bike?

Nik Cook explains why the quality of carbon matters in a bike, and says always buy from reputable brands
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Tri tech Black Friday deals

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220's sister title Cycling Plus has teamed up with Argos and Challenge Bikes

Sponsored: Catalogue retailer Argos, with help from our sister titles Cycling Plus and BikeRadar, is set to offer three brand-new entry-level bikes at great prices
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Triathlon multisport watches: 5 of the best reviewed

Multisport watches now let you monitor nearly every physiological variable known to man, from heart rate to calories. But do they improve your triathlon performance, and how accurate are they? Let’s find out…
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Everysight Raptor smart glasses review

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