Road Bike or Triathlon Bike?

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10/10/2017 at 19:44

Hi All, 

I'm sure this is a topic many people have seen before however I'm looking to invest in a new bike with a budget of between £1500-£2000. 

I usually compete in around 3 triathlons a year and have had my road bike now for a few years but feel now is the time to upgrade. 

Based on other peoples experience would you recommend investing in a new road bike or a Triathlon bike? I'm open to buying a road bike and installing some tri bars but keen to get other peoples thoughts as to what might be the best option. 



12/10/2017 at 11:33
Stephen, whats wrong with your old bike? Age is irrelevant as long as its looked after and to a large extent so is weight.

I'd strongly suggest upgrading the wheels on your existing bike to something like Shamals or Ksyriums. These will make a big difference. Really. Make sure the wheel can take the cassette from your existing bike as well as a 10 and 11 speed one to future proof them. Spend you ??1500 to ??2000 on a new bike and you'll most likely need to upgrade the wheels get get a step up in performance anyway

This will leave over a grand left to buy something like a Boardman Team TT. And of course you can use above road race wheels on it. The difference between a ??1k and a ??3k bike is generally negligible.
10/03/2018 at 14:15

I'd agree wheels first, but also depends on the type of tri's your doing.  Hills or flats?  I prefer a road bike on hills, and a tri on flats.  Just a thought.

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