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16/04/2017 at 18:26
Hi all, am a newbie signing up for my first super sprint tri, baby steps! My question is (please don't laugh) do I need to invest masses in a racing bike yet? I just want to do one tri and see if I like it, I can do 10k on my bike but it's an old mountain bike. Will I look like I turned up to Ascot on a donkey? Or is it common for newbies to have a go on an old bike first? Many thanks!
16/04/2017 at 20:47

Look for a "try a tri" event - they generally let you ride anything that's roadworthy - I've seen someone compete on a BMX bike before. Mountain bikes are not uncommon in Novice events - you wont look out of place. Check with the race organiser or if its a British Triathlon Federation sponsored event check the rules on their website. 

Hope you enjoy your first tri.

16/04/2017 at 21:24
Thank you, think I am aiming for the UK Triathlon's Birmingham event in July, a Pink Wave if they do it or just the "fun" distance. I can already do each part, so I have three months to practise putting them together. I just wasn't sure what I'd actually need but it looks like any roadworthy bike is acceptable so I'll just make sure I get it serviced! Very excited to give it a go. ????????
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