Ceepo Katana 2014 vs Cube Aerium HPC 2015

Advice for begginer triathlere

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20/08/2019 at 13:37

Hello all,
I know that the the discussion might get long and turn intro a brand fight but I am starting my triathlete adventure and I have the chance to buy a tri bike.I have two options:

  • Ceepo Katana 2014 - Vision Groupset/Crank/cockpit
  • Cuber Aerium HPC 2015 - Shimano Ghroupset/Rototor crank , Profile Design cockpit
  • At this moment the wheels are not important for the discussion . Also the price difference is not important between this two bikes.

    Can you help me based on your experience with pros and cons between this two models? I know that there are many many other options on the market but for now I just want to focus on this two ones.

    Thank you!

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