Struggling to build a plan for 70.3 and more

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29/12/2019 at 09:38
Hi all. I completed my first 70.3 last June, and plan to do another in June 2020. However, my other goals for the year are making it hard to figure out a training plan (I???ve used Training Peaks plans in the past). My 2020 plan is: Cambridge half marathon in March - aiming to improve on 1:38 Ride the Scottish North Coast 500 in early June (100 miles per day) Holkham 70.3 in late June (aiming to get under 6 hours Despite my 50 min swim time) Do the Grim Reaper ultra marathon (4x10 mile laps in 25 hours) in July Maybe run a marathon sometime in the year. Any thoughts/ideas on how to put together a relevant and sensible training plan? Thanks Nick
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