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16/01/2019 at 16:03
Hey all. New to this and new to triathlon. Quick background. August I was 18 stne, now 14 stone, all through doing running and alot of fitness classes. I an do 5k in 23mins, 10k in 54 mins. I run 4 times a week, 2 gym session for strength and 2 early morning fitness classes. Running wise I love. So to get me up to sprint race what will I need to change and what would I need to put. I k ow I need swimming and cycling but where? Can I run and swim in same day? All help please as I really want to do this.
21/01/2019 at 19:04

Well done so far, great change to weight and run sounds good.

For a sprint, you need to start swim and bike as you say and I´d suggest:

Swim: do you have a swim background/can you swim? If you can´t swim you´re best trying to find a GOOD TRIATHLON coach who can hopefully help you do the right things rather than learning to swim like a swimmer. You need to try to swim 3 times per week if possible - 30min per time is fine, frequency is important.

Bike: learn how to ride a bike confidenty on the road but you can do a lot of training indoors - you can use a spin bike worst case, but many gyms have Wattbikes as well. Try to bike 2-3 times/week

Run: cut it down to 2 runs per week - you have made gains in running but you need to focus on swim and bike, and the fitness you get from these will help running anyway.

Stop the 4 gym sessions (unless you have enough time to do these ON TOP of the suggested swim, bike and run sessions) - focus on doing what you need to do.

Finally, train at the right intensity - mostly easy - but build specific strength in swim, bike and run sessions (much better that doing gym strength that is non-specific and timeconsuming if you´re time limited); see: and

Plus other blogs will help

Hope that helps




Martin Hill


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