Ironman & Meniscus Injury

Suspected meniscus tears - late 40s, should I bother?

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07/04/2017 at 09:45

Hi Guys

Been laid up with knee troubles for six months. They're both healing and I didn't have surgery. Suspected meniscus tears/acl etc. Confused about having meniscus' removed - would they regrow? Are they irreplaceable? Have left them even though told by surgeon it's like keeping old tyres - so why just take them out? 

In my late 40s. Do people just leave it, or do they find a way? Obviously I need to build things up over time and do a triathlon plan. Currently doing strength training to rebuild my withered quads. 

My question is: What's the common practice please: do I just give up my Ironman dream? Do people just leave it, or do they find a way? 

Thank you


13/04/2017 at 18:17

Hi IJ,

I had a meniscus and ACL repair in 2012 and although I still have the odd problems with my knee mainly from football (so I have binned my boots know) any way i'm currently training for challenge Salou and IM Hamburg, its' just about learning to manage the injury and swim run bike don't seem to aggravate the knee.

14/04/2017 at 16:59
Nice one RH. You had surgery then, and they repaired rather than removed.

Yes I think you're right, I'm watching them (knees) while I strength train. The right, out of nowhere, flared up this week after gentle gym visits. But with triggering, ice and prehabilitation I'm feeling more determined.

Combined cv should help and my focus will be trail running. ????
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