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12/07/2010 at 12:26
I like the idea of a tiger thats as small as a frog i could have 1 in my back garden looking after my bike.
But my question is about the Tiger Frog bike's. Iam looking at buying the Tiger Frog Alu frame has anyone used the brand?Any other suggestions.
12/07/2010 at 16:13
I saw one of their bikes in Btown when I was in there picking up my Argon.

It was in there cause Conehead was going to test ride it, not sure if he ever got round to doing it but the bike well....hmmm. I know it was a prototype or something that resembled a bike but....

I think Conehead actually knows them, think if my memory serves me right its a husband and wife dream team combo.

Best thing is maybe drop CH a pm and ask him directly.

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12/07/2010 at 16:50
He is a bad-tempered and argumentative old fool who deliberately tries to annoy everybody and only ever listens when he is speaking.

Oh, sorry... I thought you said Treefrog.

Tiger Frog, dunno, but my goodness they look good.

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12/07/2010 at 19:28
Just had a look at their site - interesting concept of fine mesh side panels for the male Viscus suit, my lard rolls would be clearly visible to the competition and they will laugh so much will fall off their bikes

Good luck to them

Be interesting to see a review of their bikes.

It seemed like a good idea at the time!!

Go Team Timmy
13/07/2010 at 16:28
If they all laugh and fall off there bikes you could win then you could all laugh at them, he who laughs last and all that.
220 has a revewi on the most expensive Tiger frog bike which i can't afford so not much help.
I have just come accross Planet x pro carbon road frame a little more expensive but still in my budget. More people have Planet x bikes, is this because they are better or because they market there product better. I'm so confused aaaagggghhhhhh.
and were back at work. (Remember to smile at the customers).
14/07/2010 at 00:55
Buy the most expensive frame you can - I'd avoid alu TBH

Carbon all the way

Their tri suits are an awful fit

Team Laws is a go!!!!


We are live.
18/07/2010 at 22:46
I emailed them a few weeks ago. I think they are based near Alton which is down past Guildford. They said I could go and view and possibly test ride a bike. They look good. Might be worth going if you're near. As willieverfinish says tho, try and go for a carbon frame if you can afford it.

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