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12/03/2017 at 15:48
not one mention of how the menopause affects performance - would have thought it would be relevant to this article :( something I am struggling with right now, particularly muscle collapse linked to hormone peaks, but can't find any research into the subject
16/03/2017 at 09:52
A few too many 'causes' & 'effects' being muddled up.

Is VO2max really the limiter on endurance performance? Or is it more likely to be LT/anaerobic threshold which is trainable.

Surely triathlon running performance, which is mostly aerobic, depends on Slow Twitch fibres which are aerobic and very slow to fatigue compared with Fast Twitch ones. Performance matched marathon runners (2:18 times) have been shown to have between 50% and 98% Slow twitch fibres.

So as you age do some:
VO2max sessions to either maintain your VO2max or to raise it towards your genetic limit.
Do Lactate Threshold (LT)/Anaerobic Threshold/Race Pace workouts to improve your LT which is a race limiter.
Do some Endurance work because its fun and triathlon is an endurance sport.
Make sure you include plenty of recovery days and sessions.
Do strength work throughout the year but periodise it as you prepare to race.
14/08/2018 at 02:38
No female specific comments in this article, is the study male only? us over 40 female athletes would like to be included please!
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