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05/03/2013 at 12:08

Can anyone help? Stiff soled bike shoes I understand for transferring force to the pedal. Light weight bike shoes I understand to get things moving quickly. However:

Are there any studies or personal experiences of going from a heavy shoe (say 2 x 450g) to a lighter shoe (2 x 250g) in terms of performance improvements on a flat & straightforward course compared with a more technical one?

There seems to be a lot of stuff on keeping wheel rim weight down to reduce rotational mass but virtually nothing on reducing shoe weight. I would have though saving 400g would have some effect.

Advice please

05/03/2013 at 18:14
Hi HarryD

I would suspect that there are studies around - if not then there will be soon off the back of your question

I would suggest that (and you probably know this already) this is only going to affect the top end of the field. As you say, wheels are the norm as the first thing to look at upgrading for weight loss, with a pointy hat next for aerodynamics. So surely all those peeps that have bought that carbon fibre drinks bottle to save on those couple of gramms have also thought about their shoes too ...

Let us know if you find anything as i'd be interested too.




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