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30/11/2009 at 12:18
I am thinking about some new aero wheels for my new carbon bling bike.

I don't want to fork out (well I would like to, but...) €€$$€€€$$ for Zipps or some other very expensive wheel.

Anyone got opinions on the best cheaper aero wheels??
Conehead, I'm sure u have a few suggestions!
30/11/2009 at 12:35
Fast forwards will do just as good a job as Zipps.

I'm currently saving to get myself a set of FF's. Can't to get them and try them out.

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30/11/2009 at 12:50
For £400 these are def cheap (or £500 for the 101/82). I'm waiting delivery of the 50mm. ... ffers.html

This is the only review i could find.... ... rbon-31468

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30/11/2009 at 13:16
I was chatting with Mike from Bridgtown about this over dinner in Manchester a couple of weeks ago. If you spend £400 on a set of carbon wheels you get exactly that, a £400 set of carbon wheels. They won't perform as well as a set of more expensive carbon wheels, and won't perform as well as a set of similarly expensive aluminium wheels. American classics aero 420 are quite good, and I don't think they're too expensive either

I specifically asked about Fast Forward wheels, as I was in a position to get some off a mate for not too much, and he said they are excellent - think Zipp without the over-inflated price tag. I think they also look much nicer than either Zipp or Planet X.

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30/11/2009 at 13:31
Best wheel for money, Planet X...easy
30/11/2009 at 13:49
Best value = second hand wheels!

I got some, admittedly old, Spinergy Rev Xs for £150. Probably the best upgrade after moving to a TT frame, that I have done.

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30/11/2009 at 14:28
I hope you are right Nivagh.

I recently got some used Mavic cosmic carbone's but havent had a chance to try them out. Reviews reckon as far as money goes, they are supposed to be pretty good.

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