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08/06/2007 at 21:30
Will soon be starting a bit of open water practice and was wondering wher all should I be putting baby oil/cream to make wetsuit easier to get out of? Ive swam a few times in it, but its taken me about twenty mins to get out of! any other tips on this subject?

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08/06/2007 at 22:36
Hound Dog,

3 areas really. The ankles, the wrists and the neck. The first two will help with getting the thing off. The neck is just for comfort. If you don't then the suit could rub, especially on longer swims, and it will cut your neck to pieces.

Try bodyglide as its less likely to damage the neoprene.


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10/06/2007 at 05:26
as well as on your ankles and wrists it's also worth putting bodyglide on the outside bottom 4-6 inches of the wetsuit arms and legs (i.e. the bit of the wetsuit that will be against your ankles/wrists as you roll it off). Other than that, mad hopping before falling over and swearing loudly seems to work for me.

technique-wise, take the top half off you while you're running from the water exit to transition so it's off the arms and chest and is round your waist. Then, in transition, roll/pull it down your legs far as you can and if it doesn't come off in one movement (pros can do this, unfortunately I can't...) then put one foot on the wetsuit as close to the toes of the other foot as possible and then lift the latter foot up in the air swiftly. Then repeat with the other foot. Doesn't always work but generally gets it off each leg in one movement without you having to sit down. Hope this makes sense

10/06/2007 at 07:40
If you have fat ankles,(no offence intended),you could always cut the bottom couple of inches off the legs of the wetsuit,or go the whole hog and wear a shorty wetsuit,it peels off in seconds but the down side is the water in the UK is rather cool.

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11/06/2007 at 23:06
Thanks for the info, will put it into practice very soon. No offence taken jon.e I havent got fat ankles! lol [:D]

The older I get, the faster I was.
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