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10/06/2009 at 23:56
I havent posted on topic for a while....[8|]

Anyway, So BNP and UKIP are quite successful at the moment, what you guys make of this?

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11/06/2009 at 00:13
the world is going to sh*t in a shopping trolley

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11/06/2009 at 00:30
It would easy to say not to have these parties in parliament, but I generally only think they have been voted in by default. Would anyone have realistically voted for them had the rest of money bleeder (sorry MP's) not been effectively stealing from us.

I don't condone some of their policies but it seems some folks do.

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11/06/2009 at 00:30
They only got voted in because of the lacksadasical attitude of the general public.As Shadow1 says,the MP's have to be accountable for their total f*&k+p of the state of the nation.If everyone in the country had got off their backside and voted rather than the sub 40% that did,the total number of votes that the far right got would probably have been the same,its just all their members did vote and probably account for such a microscopic amount of the total voters in the UK.
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11/06/2009 at 00:30
The Nazis assumed power in pre War Germany through entirely legitimate means and using the same sort of scare tactics - but then all parties use some form of scare mongering. I take the view that every few years we put our little cross in the box and whoever is in Government has the illusion of control and it is still the men with the money and power who actually dictates what happens.

It seemed like a good idea at the time!!

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11/06/2009 at 00:46
true, I read some graffiti somewhere once which seems apt, it said:

"If voting changed anything, it would be illegal"

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11/06/2009 at 01:36
i'm not sure there's quite the surge in support than has been suggested in the media, as jon.e points out low turnout has helped skew the proportion of votes. hopefully some sort of common sense will be recovered in a general election, although i'm not completely sure.

deviating from the q a bit - my only issue with the expenses/loss of faith in the politcal system is the clamouring for a general election just feels wrong to me. if the electorate are genuinely disillisioned with the current system (and i think we/they are) then a g.e is not the answer - overhaul of the system and then an election is the answer.

having a g.e now will bring change and being cynical i'm going to suggest that the winning party will say 'there you go - change. we are change. you've got your change now - carry on'.

not good enough, but they are devious enough, the electorate are stupid enough and once the media circus isn't focussing on it anymore we'll have forgotten what the real issues were.

we really do get the politicians we deserve.

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11/06/2009 at 09:56
This has nothing to do with triathlon or any sport. Go away
11/06/2009 at 18:50
treefrog wrote:

This has nothing to do with triathlon or any sport. Go away

So wrong.If an extremist party takes power,then freedom of choice is lost.The Thread title starts with OT......off topic....you do not have to read it...it is not concerning tri directly.....only an extremist would force someone to read something they didn't have too.

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12/06/2009 at 04:16
So right Jon E, freedom of speech is worth defending - and goes for this forum also!

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12/06/2009 at 05:56
The right of centre parties are enjoying something of a resurgence it is true. Heed the fact the most popular TV programme in the UK is Eastenders; the biggest selling daily is The Sun. The people who voted these parties in I suspect are under the impression that the 3 main parties are often too close to be really be distinguishable from each other. Also, these voters perceive that the 3 main parties do not cater for their fears of being overrun with immigrants and the erosion of sovereignty. It matters not whether these fears are founded; they are real to these voters. The UKIP and BNP have cleverly filled a void in UK politics and will try to exploit/expand at every opportunity.

How to counter the rise? Easy, democracy. All that needs to happen is for the 3 main parties to make some soothing noises to the fledgling fascists whilst at the same time continuing with the very vital euro expansion and integration.


Chris J
12/06/2009 at 06:13
How to counter the rise? Easy, democracy

Well, we have the democracy - it's just being bothered to use it that matters. Particular when Proportional Representation is the system.

As a denizen of Yorkshire and Humber, I feel particulary bad that I spent last Thursday evening on a rather smashing bike ride - a new PB for my 10 mile course. I kind of remembered when I got back.. but the Missus had "tidied" the voting slips away...

So, you can blame me - the support didn't go up, it's just I didn't vote this time.

freedom of speech is worth defending - and goes for this forum also!

I defend TreeFrog's right to say that we can't talk about it! Or something.

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