Happy New Year

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31/12/2008 at 20:10
Happy New Year to all triathletes out there. Good luck with training and competing next year!

Pat Bailey
31/12/2008 at 22:06
I'll second that.
May everyone reach their new set goals for 2009.( I've got 10 goals for 2009, reaching 7 is OK, hoping to get 10 though).

ITC rules( well, at least WE think so!).
31/12/2008 at 22:06
Hope it gets warmer in 2009!

Happy New Year folks.

Triathlon? Simples!
31/12/2008 at 23:13
amen, i am fed up of this cold, and with the turbo out of action its mighty cold out on them roads!

01/01/2009 at 03:06
My first forum post so thought i should start my forum life off with a happy new year to everyone!! have a good one!
01/01/2009 at 07:16
Happy New Year All, short bike tomorrow, but (too much) drink tonight....

Hope 2009 is a fantastic year for you all.

season binned off before it started....
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