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01/10/2008 at 01:23
Now that I have a lovely carbon fibre frame, I'm getting all precious about scratching it or damaging it.

Can you get frame protector strips to go on, say, your chain stay, downtube, crossbar etc or anywhere else that chain and cables could vibrate or rub against the frame?

I'm also wondering about how to protect the chain-side of my BB for those occasions (when setting up or while new cables are stretching) that my chain is going to fall off the inner ring.

Obviously it would need to be some kind of tape, either clear (so you can see my carbon weave) or carbon (so I have more carbon).

Any suggestions? Ta.

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01/10/2008 at 02:13
Have a look in Halfords.

They do a pack of frame protectors , small round ones up to long chain stay one, they even do a carbon colour pack.

Only cost about a fiver. have a pack myself and well impressed.
01/10/2008 at 04:10
i know someone who contacted a local sign writer (vinyl car graphics) and had various shapes made up to protect his wouldnt know there are there as he used a relatively thin clear type.

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01/10/2008 at 06:40
I have some halfords ones and they certainly do the job, not the most stylish but are effective. As for bb protection, hmm, good question, not sure, let me know if you find something good
01/10/2008 at 22:13
Sorry - not able to suggest anything for you but pleased that you have your new bike - did you get the Dolan eventually, and did you get through the C2W scheme?

Please post a report as I along with many others have been following your trials and tribulations and glad that you now have a result.


It seemed like a good idea at the time!!

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02/10/2008 at 19:36
I found these by chance a while ago on the web.

Currently in stock at:

Listed in cables at:

Got a few sets for my Titanium bikes. They are small enough not to stand out but big enough to do the job. Best of all they are a slpit design so you wont have to remove and refit the cables to fit them.

10 out of 10.
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03/10/2008 at 08:40
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