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21/06/2008 at 06:03
Right then, team. We've touched on this in a few threads, and there are some good ones running at the moment. Anybody up for some article suggestions? If we can get a few together then I'll send a note to the editor pointing the thread out.

Just for starters, from recent topics and my own thoughts:

A bike test: same price (-ish), similar components, carbon versus ally. Tell us what stiffness and lightness really means on a bike, and what IS the difference in materials, or is it down to bum-on-seat and see how she feels?

How low can you go?: get somebody in a windtunnel or on a strain gauge and see what aero bars really do. This would be fun.

Hayfever, asthma and other similar issues. How to train and drug your way around them? Get some consultants involved.

Practical test on what compression clothing actually does. Some research would be nice, get some sports doctors involved.

Long termers: Just like a car magazine... give a bunch of the staff, or even a bunch of the readers/forumites something to test: training program, wetsuit, bike (Felt B2 pro, please), aero bottles, shoes, goggles... whatever! Reports on day-to-day use, good points, niggles, how it affects performance etc

Bike Maintenance: yes, I know they have done this in the past (how to fit some tri-bars) but it has always been really half-hearted. I mean, they've had cutting your stem - be careful if it is carbon! - as a single step IIRC. Perhaps a bit more detail on the sorts of things we all face: adjusting gears, changing cogs and chains, greasing your bearings, stopping that bloody squeak from somewhere near your feet. Or is the wheels?

TRAINING PROGRAMS!!!! This should be the bread and butter of this type of magazine. Where is the event specific advice? Sheesh. I read the comment a few months ago referring to an Olympic training schedule... "By the time you read this, it should be on the web site". WHERE?

I'd love them to devote half a dozen pages at the back to Sprint, Oly and Iron training schedules for THAT month, assuming you are competing in month X. Adjust as required. Your cut-out-and-keep training schedule over the whole year etc.

Blimey. I should be in charge.

Come on.... ideas?

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21/06/2008 at 06:20
All good stuff . I'd like a lot more detail on technique. Last months title was learn to love open water and yet it taught me nothing new and I only started ow 2 months ago which can't be right.

I'd like diagrams of swim positions and specific drill sets for achieving better position etc.

I'd be interested in a monthly focus on a different Tri club with what they offer, events run, type of training sessions offered. This would be interesting and might help share good practice as well as raising club profile.

I'm not overly critical of 220 and think it's a good mag but I do think, despite being a relative novice that I'm finding the articles are not telling me much I don't already know.

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21/06/2008 at 19:40
Reviews of a number of hair-removal products?

Comparision of relative speeds of different coloured bikes (to prove red IS faster)

In all seriousness, good thread, we should have more say on what is in the mag, also find it appalling there has been no mention of Helen Tuckers win on the website yet!??
21/06/2008 at 21:03
I agree -good thread Bopomofo and like all your suggestions.

I personally find that although 220 is a good magazine I often get more from Cycling Plus etc. For example - training schedules for time trialling recently.

Would like to see peolpe of reasonable amateur standard followed through a season of races and training with a diary of what they had been doing training wise, rest, eating etc etc. Picking up on good and bad things about whatever they have done and going into detail where necessary.

Definately would like to see some training plans though like you said!!

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21/06/2008 at 21:03
Nutrition is always a confusing issue so i reckon articles on nutritional advice, recipies and the like.... how much protien SHOULD we be taking, etc etc...

For me at the moment a good topic would be "how best to treat gravel rash" or "how to stop yourself picking scabs"!!! Thank God I went with the advice of that must now be famous thread and shaved my legs!!!

On the healing topic got hold of some "fast healing" plasters which work on the same principle as Compeed does on blisters (provide the perfect healing environment for wounds) and they are amazing, not cheap but well worth the money... already back on the bike and running and will hopefully be back in the big drink next week and the doc at A+E reckoned at least 2 weeks for bike and run and a month for swimming!! (had a hole to the bone on right elbow that couldn't be stiched cos of lack of skin)
21/06/2008 at 23:50
More articles on clubs,and what they offer,more results on regional races and not just the big ones or ones run by Human Race etc.Any article on training or injury should be backed up with evidence,not just that it worked for the author so it should work for you!
Perhaps a best deal report every couple of months covering what offers are available around the country beit bikes/clothing/training/coaching.
To be honest the mag has tried to reinvent itself a couple of times in the past decade or so,but bring back 'Chop Suey'.

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22/06/2008 at 00:06
Nice thread,
I like the idea of club of the month, where readers can pick up deatils of whats around in their local area.
I don't know about anyone else but all the articles i have ever read on nutrition are based on a notional person who eats at the same time every day and never has to worry about prep time. I work shifts and am out and about away from a kitchen not really knowing when or where my next meal will be. how about some real life practiclearticles for eating.
Bike maitainance what a great idea, more specific advice to do with the niggly things that we all fall foul of and have to fudge our way through, I'm thinking gears and the like.
Here's one that might sound off the wall but what about a "from nothing" training program. Most people i try and recruit simply say i can't swim very well or it's been years since i rode a bike for more than commuting, when i lend them my magazine they usually get put off because all the training programmes assume a better than average base fitness level.
if nothing else, this will get people shouting at me.
sorry but you asked.
ps i really enjoy the mag by the way.

22/06/2008 at 00:23
I think lots of us have got heart monitors that calculate callories used, an article on just how accurate they are and what they actually mean in regards of your nutritional and callorie intake would be useful.
22/06/2008 at 01:13
"fast healing" plasters

22/06/2008 at 01:30
Oops I was going to include something vaguely constructive with that last post. Anyhow. . .
One thing I would like to see is some advice on how much of a performance improvement is realistic.
Is a 5% improvement in swimming possible? If so in how long
If my run time is 30sec/mile faster this summer than last is that a good return for my level of training.
I appreciate that all this depends on a huge number of variables but it is one area where I really have no idea what my expectations should be.
22/06/2008 at 02:36
go the whole way
220 training days,team 220, bopomofo is captain i will be water boy(40-44 water boy)
22/06/2008 at 05:06
How about one page per month about a historic event or race. I, like many others, are new to the sport and I think it would be good to know a bit more of the history - classic rivalries etc. If e.g. the 1992 Kona race was a corker then either a race report from the archives or a retrospective piece would be good.
22/06/2008 at 08:26
Good thread and good suggestions (though, to be fair, 220 are now doing some of them e.g. Nik Cook on the season long training/racing schedule and the Iconic race series).

My suggestion would be a race preview page with a description of the course, favourites in the elites, suggested tactics for us mere mortals etc. - e.g. Windsor - don't swim in the centre of the river just before the turning buoy (wish someone had told me that one before last weekend), or London, Wimbleball, Brighton, Helvellyn etc....
22/06/2008 at 22:53
In line with the other thread ,why not a page listing Triathlon on TV.

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22/06/2008 at 22:53
I think they could cover that in a line!
22/06/2008 at 23:10
TommiTri wrote:

I think they could cover that in a line!

So that line would be.........
Why don't you switch off your TV and go and do something less boring.

which I think was a tv programme in the late 70's early 80's.

Only the true self,which transcends the personal,lays claim to immortality.
22/06/2008 at 23:26

I was thinking more along the lines of
Tv coverage : Non-existant
22/06/2008 at 23:43
blenheim tri was on at 7.55 this morning. ch 4
23/06/2008 at 00:00
I agree with the idea for more training programmes. There doesn't really seem to be too many decent programmes for Tri training out there, at least I've not found any.

Most seem to be levelled at the Couch - Sprint, Couch - Oly level, and not really too much for those who are looking to be improving existing levels, and boosting existing performance. Personally, I too have found that Cycling Plus is much better in this respect, and also Runners World, however, it's difficult to use these to the maximum advantage in a Triathlon situation, as each individual programme assumes that you will only be training for the single discipline, and as we all know, it's not really feasible to be putting in 50 miles per week running, while trying to combine that with a full on swimming and cycling programme, and also having a life!!

23/06/2008 at 00:00
windsor tri on sext sun at 7.55am and also on wed in the early hours there is Australian IRONMAN