Feedback Wanted - Jacket for legs

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13/10/2016 at 19:18

Hey there guys,
I was reading some of topics on this forum and i think you are the right people to ask- a lot of bike-people enthusiasts

It's a jacket for legs meant to protect the user against rain. It's easy to use, just like any jacket, but for legs instead of upper body. We made a landing page and a short video to prove the point.

Since people like you guys are some of our future users we would really like some feedback from you for the product we developed.
What is your general opinion on the product? Would you find it useful?
What would you improve?
Would you use such a product? If not, who would you recommend it to?

I know that this is my first post here, but we really appreciate your feedback; it will help us a LOT in succesfuly re-launching our product. (yeah, we kind of failed the first time)

More info about the product here:

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