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14/01/2015 at 08:08

Hi Julian,


Looking into changing the plan to in corporate a second swim. Last night I madewhat felt like real progress. Concentrating on breathing more, especially exhailing, I was then able to feel more confortable in the wat and run a slightly slower stroke rate.  Problem is my 'sigh' out breathing rate is between a once every two and a once every three timing. I go faster, I need more air and I feel I'm gasping = panic.

I'll be honest I stuck to once every two but was very concious of make sure the arm/shoulder I dropped during breathing is fully rotated during its stroke.

I also found a way to time my breathing - it sounds weird - but making a "ssssssss" noise followed by a 'pop' of whatever is left in my lungs at the end of my last stroke before breathing.  Its quite easy get into a rhythym going "sssssssssssssss-pop, ssssssssssssssss-pop" 

Another thing I found help was to distract myself by staring at the floor of the pool....


managed 1500m in 40mins. all 50's except for one 150 block towards the end. 

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17/01/2015 at 14:51

Made a huge step today when I went training with the St Helens Tri Club. Granted in the beginner's lane but Mike was able to point out some key things I hadn't noticed.


  • head too high in the water, causingme to drop my hips, 
  • over rotation + 'look back' on my breathing
  • bent knees during thr kick

changing those, along with zip and broken arrow drills really made me feel a lot more comfortable in the water!

28/01/2015 at 14:33

Was away on business and couldn't get in a pol for 10days until pool last night and I managed a sub-12min 500m  and rounded out the 1km in sub 27minutes. At one stage I even did 300m straight!! considering it took me 22mins to do 600m just over a month ago I'm rather happy - still a long way to go though

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