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Big brands need to watch their backs.

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29/01/2018 at 13:43

I am a big fan of the magazine, and have had a subscription for several years. However, one thing which disappoints me is the focus on premium brands in the kit tests. I know that Decathlon's B'Twin and Kalenji ranges will never get the vote of the brand-conscious, but having bought the likes of Gore, Salomon, OMM etc, I think that the top-end Decathlon gear is at least as good. Check out the Kalenji Kiprun Evolutiv men's running jacket as an example for seriously nice kit on a budget. Afterall, if cheaper kit encourages more people into Tri, all the better

Thanks for a great magazine and keep up the good work!

30/01/2018 at 09:07
Also have a look at Bolle safety glasses. Both clear and tinted. As good and often better than 'reviewed' models but costing a small fraction of the price. I've found them comfortable, ideal when cycling (the 'I forgot I had them on feeling') and know that they are tough enough to withstand pretty serious impacts. Read the reviews on Amazon as many are from cyclists.
30/01/2018 at 20:02

Planet X do good tri suits cycling clothes etc with great value prices.

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