Planet X Stealth Road bar clamp Required

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23/06/2011 at 13:14

Does anyone have the top part of the bar clamp (the bit with the threads in) for the PX stealth road bar clamps (these differ from the Stealth bar TT cockpit clamps)

1 of the threads has pulled through the carbon where I overtightened it & PX can't get stock at the moment. I only need 1 upper clamop, so if anyone has had the same trouble and has a set of PX stealths kicking around somewhere with at least one clamp in good nick that would be great.


Shake and Bake !
03/03/2016 at 20:32
I am
Looking for sealth TT tri bar clamp as mines on my bike has a crack where the screws are tighten on the extension

Can any or help
Your say
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