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27/11/2013 at 15:35


Can anyone give me some advise on what sort of run sessions I should be doing this time of year, I've heard so many contradicting things?! I want to peak my 5k performance for May/June next year but what should I be doing now? I have time to run 3/4 times a week. Thanks!

27/11/2013 at 16:56

Hi Lee,

What's your running background so far? Have you done much? It would also be helpful to know what your previous 5k PB is and whether that was as part of a triathlon or not.

For a 5k peak performance I wouldn't start the 'serious' run training just yet - June next year is quite a long way off. I tend to vary my runs over the off-season, working on maintaining health, fitness and strength by doing a variety of speed, hill and trail sessions and just having some fun with it! Then come the new year, you can look at a more structured training plan.

3/4 times a week is great too, as that will enable you to do a variety of sessions as well. Maybe a couple of shorter, speedier sessions, one hill session and one longer run?

Hope this helps!

Good luck,


28/11/2013 at 10:25


As Helen says you have plenty of time to really focus on race specifics later - probably starting late-Feb/mid-March

However you can use this time to build on some essentials which at this time of the season are:

Endurance; steady runs up hill & down dale. Pace depends on current fitness but only at the top of hills should you be breathless. Say 2 sessions per week

Strength; strong legs make fast runners. Strong cores make less injured runners. Can be done in gym, Pilates or core classes or as hill reps. Say 1 session per week

Speed; this is developing good technique which is a skill and is not easy. Get your running posture, arm and leg actions sorted out. May mean gait retraining, stretching & strengthening. Learn how to run fast and effectively. You will almost certainly need a run or tri coach to assess and help in the correction. Sepcific drills and workouts can be standalone sessions or may be incorporated into the others

Hope this helps


29/11/2013 at 15:36

Great bit of advice, thanks guys. Sounds like I'm roughly on the right track!

Helen, I've been running for quite a few years but most my fitness has come from playing football. My 5k pb is 17.45 which was run at a parkrun, its more like 18.30/45 in a sprint triathlon. I've qualified for the age grouper champs in Kitzbuhel next June (first timer!!!) so really want to do well in that.

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